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I want to connect my food and beverage diary with fitness apps. With every meal in the plan, an A.I. generated image as a preview...

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🆕 Image Gallery Content Management System
25 days ago

Image Gallery CMS WebApp - I dream my software will fall into good hands - to display nice content. Soon more info on tools and possibilities. Upload an image to the filesystem & MySQL database. The image in the database is optimized to fit the needs with 'webp' re-encoding and setting proper width/height pixel size. The original image file is intact and stored on the filesystem.

on SourceForge.net -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/image-gallery-cms/
🔥 Spin Image Background
28 days ago

HTML code to change the background image dynamically using my simple raster graphics.

<!DOCTYPE html>

		body {
			background: url(https://www.luka.jagor.info/spinImage) no-repeat center center fixed; 
			-webkit-background-size: cover;
			-moz-background-size: cover;
			-o-background-size: cover;
			background-size: cover;

		.center {
			margin: auto;
			background-color: white;
			width: 60%;
			border: 3px solid #73AD21;
			padding: 10px;


	<h2>Spin Image Background</h2>
	<p>To horizontally center a block element (like div), use margin: auto;</p>

	<div class="center">
		  <p>Hello World!</p>



live demo -> https://www.luka.jagor.info/4developers/SpinImageBackground/
Embeddable Player for Rave the World Radio - Customize It
1 year ago

I'm very proud after just 130 days #ravetheworldradio launched, in my homeland they've set up Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB+ radio services. Soon - no more analog FM - analogue to gossip. Custom embeddable code by user-defined background color. Custom image/video backgrounds can be available on demand. There are still some effects to be worked out, like fullscreen view.
Copy the default ↓

<iframe loading="lazy" src="https://www.ravetheworldradio.com/EmbedPlayer.html" name="Rave" scrolling="No" height="600px" width="100%" style="border: none;"></iframe>

live demo -> https://www.ravetheworldradio.com/#about
ᴮᴱᵀᴬ Fast & Free URL Shortener
1 year ago

Using "YOURLS" engine - »The de facto standard self-hosted URL shortener«

live demo -> https://www.pub.luka.guru/

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